What is the priority point system?
Every match you predict needs to be allocated a priority number, ie: the more confidence you have in your
prediction the higher the priority number.

How do I score points?
Every result you predict correctly you are allocated the priority number you placed against that match. If you
also predict the correct score you double it.

Ok, but what is to stop me placing 11 against all matches?
Our internal software will not allow it, you have to use up all numbers 1-11.

When are the live tables updated?

After every goal scored. We are also going to be inserting a live score centre so you can see the goals being
scored from the same website.

How can I access the live tables?
You can use the link on the top menu, or for quicker access you can login and use the "My Positon Checker",
to see where you are at any stage.

Are there any prizes?
Not at the moment, this is a free game, and is for pure excitement and fun. If we ever have enough players to
be able to offer prizes we will of course do so. Its up to you to get all your mates involved to improve the game.

Why is it free?
We wanted to play in a live football competition but could not find one. So we used our technical experience to
produce our own. First and foremost this is a fun game, why charge for it?..we just want as many people to
enjoy it like us.