We want to bring football fans together - this is a free concept for us at the moment - we simply want to operate the very
best prediction tournament in the world - and we believe our system has achieved it!.

It is the website and development team behind www.housenetwork.co.uk - the largest online estate agency in the UK.

No - Golden Goal was operated from 2003-2006 - but had a break year in the 2006-2007 due to the massive
demands of the www.housenetwork.co.uk business - towards the end of the 2006 season the competition began to
suffer from lack of support - but it has now been rebranded and is under new management, which is committed to
making GG into a national brand.

There is plenty - at the moment we have the unique engine of the live player tables, and we will be launching a
new live score table of Premiership matches - our intention is to offer the fastest updates on the internet, so you can
view the fastest score updates alongside the live GG tables.

It certainly is - we want to offer our competition to the footie world and build our database of players as quickly as possible. Once we have enough members - our intention is to offer each client the option of joining a prize league to rival the pools/betting syndicates.

So if you love the sound of our competition - tell your friends - make use of this free competition and help make it into the most played game on the internet. This game has been made for football fans by football fans - ENJOY!