With an incredible summer transfer window still promising more stunning deals to come - Golden Goal is back with a new
look and promise of a dedicated manager to run the game day by day.

Golden Goal is about being able to predict the results and scores of 11 matches per week througout the entire football season.

Each goal means points. meaning true variety and excitement, its about trusting your instinct and taking gambles along the way.

The truly unique feature of the GG competition is that your points tally is calculated on each goal scored and as a result, we
have devised live competition tables, both weekly and overall - that are updated minute-by-minute so you can see yourself
changing position at all times.

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Matches are selected by the management team of Golden Goal four weeks in advance - as a minimum - the games are all
chosen from within the English Leagues, and will invariably be based around the Premiership and Championship Divisions.

The live service will be operated from the kick-off of the first match on each prediction sheet until the end of the last. This
will normally be over a 2/3 day period dependent on the TV coverage.

We allow you to edit your predictions up until 10 minutes before kickoff of the first match, but no amendments are allowed
once we close the week. The live player tables are updated every goal and the webpages are powered by an auto refresh
for ease of use.

Golden Goal is operated free of charge for our clients - we want to build a huge database of players to one day offer a
massive prize league to rival the pools. This game is totally unique and cannot be rivalled - and our promise to you is that
the competition will always be offered free of charge - with the option one day of you entering into a separate cash

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